Customer Feedback about Dream Interpretations

What customers have to say about Nancy's dream interpretations and about MyDreamVisions.com. The following is a sample of customer feedback:

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"Thank you once again. :) You're right on the money, so to speak! It's great comparing my own gut instincts about my dreams with your more objective/unbiased reviews. And it's wonderful to finally have someone that takes it seriously (so many people just roll their eyes and say, 'Oh, yeah, another dream...'). "


"I find this site is one of the best out there."


"It was good. It was better than than I got from other sites. I felt quite satisfied."


"This is one excellent site! I am plagued by dreams lately. I wake up sometimes stressed by them, or nearly exhausted by them. Sometimes I wake up feeling afraid after one of my dreams. I come here and use your site to help me gain insight into what's going on with me. Thank you!"


"Very helpful and easy to use, this dictionary gives an easy to follow path toward interpreting my dreams. I so seldom remember what I've dreamt-I want to be able to figure out the ones I recall!"

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