Customer Feedback about Dream Interpretations

What customers have to say about Nancy's dream interpretations and about MyDreamVisions.com. The following is a sample of customer feedback:

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Lucy B.

"Thank you. That was very helpful."


"It's right. I use it every day when I have a crazy dream. I just don't like the fact that you have to read each one and try to figure out yourself what your dream means, but it's ok. Like I said I use it every day. Thank you again and happy dreams!"


"This is an awesome site. All the stuff I looked up about my dreams all made sense and they were exactly what I'm feeling all of them. This is the best site yet and I have looked at a lot of them and so far this is the best one."

Pat P.

"Thank you, Nancy. Looks like an interesting and valid interpretation."

Kate C.

"Thank you, you are quite accurate and while I usually have an understanding with dreams, sometimes it is just too large for me to get. You have been very helpful in "clarifying" the big picture. The planet is blessed to have individuals such as yourself working with the public. Thanks again!"

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